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Dental Bridges

How Dental bridges Work

If you are living with the discomfort of missing teeth, we can assist you by placing a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a restoration that fills the missing space where one or more teeth have been lost by attaching to teeth on either side of the space. It is a permanent restoration and is not removable.

Dental Bridges Services

Restoring beauty and functionality to your smile

If you are missing teeth, the associated loss of function and aesthetic beauty can have a tremendously negative effect on your entire life. Missing teeth can not only cause you to feel self conscious and awkward, but can lead to myriad dental issues like misaligned bite, TMD, and even increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Dental bridges provide an optimal solution for missing teeth, and at Lawson Family Dentistry, our Grand Strand dental bridge dentists have years of experience helping patients restore beauty and functionality to their smiles with benefits including:

Restoration of Chewing and Speaking Abilities

Restoration of chewing and speaking abilities

Dental Veneers

Maintaining the shape of your face and jaw

Dental Crowns

Restoration of aesthetic beauty

Teeth whitening

Preventing adjacent teeth from drifting out of position

Eliminating the need for removal of partial dentures

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are permanent, but will require proper care and maintenance to last their longest. Fortunately, caring for your bridge is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. A proper at-home oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice daily, combined with a minimum of twice yearly visits to our office for cleanings and examinations will help ensure your bridges last for years to come.

Dental Bridge Process

The process for dental bridges takes two office visits. During your initial visit, one of our dentists will prepare your teeth, which requires recontouring the teeth to make space for the porcelain dental crowns that will comprise your bridge. We will then take an impression of your teeth to serve as a model for the creation of your crowns. We will produce a temporary bridge for you to wear during the time your permanent crowns are created.

During your second office visit, we will remove your temporary bridge, and replace it with the bridge created by our dental lab partners. This safe and relatively noninvasive procedure produces long lasting, beautiful results that will allow you to face the world with a smile as strong as it is appealing.