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Insurance & Payment Options

Affordability of Dentistry

Our staff is fully devoted to helping you achieve the smile you desire within the limits of your budget. Many of our procedures are much more affordable than you might think and the end result of the smile you’ve always dreamed of is priceless.

We are delighted to file your primary dental insurance once coverage has been confirmed, however dental benefits are your financial responsibility. We will try our best to help you calculate your benefit in dollars, with any co-payment and deductible due at the time of service.

Affordability of Dentistry

In-House Dental Insurance

For patients who do not have dental insurance, or are unhappy with what their current plan has to offer, the Lawson Family Dentistry offers an in office insurance plan to ensure that you are able to receive the dental care that you need at an affordable rate. Unlike traditional dental insurance policies that come with limitations, our Advanced Dental Plan (ADP) offers you limitless dental care. Enrollment with the ADP plan for one year includes

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • A Yearly set of Bitewing X-rays
  • Two Routine Cleanings with Flouride
  • Two Periodic Examinations by your Dentist
  • Yearly Sleep Disordered Breathing Screening
  • Yearly Periodontal Examinations by your Hygienist
  • Full Mouth Series & Panoramic X-rays Discounted to $95.00
  • 10% Discount off of All Dental Procedures, Including All Specialty Services

For your convenience we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. Please let us know if you have any other financial questions.